Navigation strategies used by the Best Web Design Agency in UK

Why is a website an essential business strategy?

No matter what services or products you are offering, If you want to be recognized in the digital world, an appealing and responsive website is a mandatory thing. A website gives you an online presence to become prominent among the target audience. Having a website allows you to promote your business so if you are looking for the Best Web Design Agency in UK for your brand, LineHeights is one of the well-known companies to furnish its clients with quality services. They are offering a 40% discount on all services on this “Cyber Monday” which is going to be started on 29th November and ended on 2nd December. What will ultimately be the best discount deal than this? Approach LineHeights right now and take advantage of this amazing offer. 

Superior Web Design portrays your company and grows your business

Making a digital presence doesn’t mean basically creating a site and trusting that clients will move toward your brand. Your site is your organization’s webbased establishment. It fills in as your essential client touchpoint and conversion machine. Thusly, you should make sure that it positions high in web search tools, stands apart from the opposition, and relates to your visitors’ objectives. 

As an entrepreneur, it is important that you keep a responsive web architecture to attract web search tools and online clients. You should make sure that your target clients see a genuine business place when they look for your organization on the web. In any case, you jeopardize losing trust from your expected customers and prevent them from contacting you. 

Put resources into responsive web architecture and create trust in your brand deals. LineHeights offers SEO-friendly website architecture services that strive to boost up your ranking, enhance your online vulnerability and convert page guests into paying clients.

Tips used by the Best Web Design Agency in UK for great website navigation

What are the basics of a good website? Quality content, good response time, and optimization for all kinds of devices. And you would be thinking that if you can do good SEO you’ll have a great chance to build a good business. And these are nearly the basics you want to cover. But there is one more thing that you need to think about. Read on to learn great tips. 

  If a new visitor comes to your website and finds one of your blogs very interesting, and now he wants to read more, what will he have to do now? Where will he find new content? In order to keep this kind of visitor on your website, you need to have good website navigation.

  Navigation is an essential element of the website and it is often taken for granted. To have a low bounce rate and to help the visitors easily move on your website, a professional web designer uses the following strategies to achieve it.

Position of the logo

Everyone knows the value of a logo for a business. It is the image of your brand on your website. And not just on your website but also among the digital world.

 The position of the logo on your website should be in the top left corner. But if you want to put it in the center as some people do, you need to make sure that you have a home button in the top-left corner. Because most of the people will go there in order to find the home page of your site. After placing the logo in the right position, put a link in the logo that takes the visitor to the home page of the site.

Have the right links in the navigation bar

Most of the time as business owners we tend to force the visitors to do what we want. And to employ this practice, we use the links which convert those visitors into our paying customers. But the user’s perspective can be a little different, he might be looking to find a news following button or wants to learn more about the business.

  For this reason, you should always design your website’s navigation by keeping in mind the user’s perspective. Because, when a user can’t find the thing he wants, then a good website is of no use.

The footer

Footer might not be as essential for a website as the header but it has its own significance. When you are designing a header you have limited space and you don’t want to overwhelm the visitor with information. Meanwhile, in the case of a footer, you can make it pretty broad and can put all links there you want your visitors to find and visit.

  You should always put the links in the navigation bar in the footer as well. This helps when a user goes all the way down and finds a link to some other page, he probably won’t bounce off from your website.


To sum up, without a properly designed website navigation, your visitors would have to work hard to find their required content, or maybe they leave your website.  So, a Best Web Design Agency in UK like Lineheights always invests much time to design a website’s navigation for improving the exploration of the content and retaining the visitors on the website.

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